Scott draws, inks and paints on commission for interested artwork collectors!

11" x 17" drawings can be done of the character of your choice. Commissions are priced per character (i.e., two characters in pencil $85 x 2 = $170). Prices include postage and handling in the U.S.

Commissions can be ordered in three different mediums: pencil, inked and color acrylic. Pencil $85 per character. Inked $165 per character. Full color acrylic paintings $225 per character.

Read through the descriptions below and view some samples of Scott's commission work in the medium of your choice.

Pencil Ink Paint

PENCIL DRAWINGS. If you're used to the cleaned-up, tight finished artwork presented in comics, you're in for a treat. Pencilled artwork has a unique, more intimate look you'll enjoy!

The Thing, pencil, vertical. "It's clobberin' time!" Click here to view.

Rogue, pencil, vertical, side view, art nouveau ornaments. Click here to view.

Dr. Strange, pencil, vertical, casting spell - at you! Click here to view.

White Witch, pencil, vertical. We at Comic Artists Direct are big fans of the classic white leather and fur costume. Click here to view.

Tomb Raider Laura Croft, pencil, vertical. Is that a gun in your holster or are you just happy to see me? Click here to view.

Flying Rogue, pencil, vertical, just happy to be in the clouds. Click here to view.

Nightwing, pencil, horizontal, attack from a rooftop. Click here to view.

Scarlet Witch, pencil, vertical, looking demure in the newer gypsy-style costume. Click here to view.

Nightwing Versus Gambit, pencil, horizontal. Anyone have any ideas on who would win this bout? Click here to view.

Batman Holding Harley Quinn, pencil, vertical. Animation style. A classic silent movie pose. Click here to view.

Supergirl, pencil, vertical. Animation style. Up, up and away! Click here to view.

Poison Ivy, pencil, horizontal. Animation style. Guys, this girl is poison. Click here to view.

Batman Throwing Batarangs, pencil, horizontal. Animation style. I don't care if he is a good guy, I wouldn't want to see this in a dark alley. Click here to view.

Batgirl, pencil, vertical. Animation style. Swinging down. Click here to view.

Batman Leaping, pencil, horizontal. Animation style. Scott can draw cartoony and still keep characters menacing! Click here to view.

Dancing Singer, pencil, vertical. Animation style. A change of pace - Tex Avery era floozy. Click here to view.

INKED DRAWINGS. A great inker is even rarer than a great illustrator. Scott Rosema is a GREAT inker. I know, it all starts with the drawing, but if you're wondering whether to buy pencil or inked drawings from Scott, choose the inking!

Superman, inked, vertical. Anyone can draw insane action characters, but note the expression in this drawing. This is most definitely Superman. Click here to view.

Spider-Man, inked, horizontal. The arachnid swings again. Click here to view.

Wolverine, inked, horizontal. What did you say, bub? Click here to view.

Doctor Doom, inked, vertical. Arms crossed, cape extended like wings, a regal monarch. Click here to view.

Iron Fist, inked, horizontal. Leaping into action, fist glowing. Click here to view.

Spirit and Stranger, inked, vertical. Two of DC's mightiest in their otherworldly glory. Click here to view.

Ghost, inked, vertical. To die for. This shows off Scott's superb line quality, not a crosshatch in sight. Click here to view.

Batman on Rooftop, inked, vertical. Animation style. Strong solids in just the right places. Click here to view.

PAINTINGS. Scott's beautiful paintings appear regularly in Dragon magazine. These look great framed and hanging on a wall. Tell your spouse you're ordering one for the kid's room.

Iron Man, painted, vertical. Red, yellow and blue (Kirby would be proud, Scott) with an excellent shine to the classic '70s armor. Click here to view.

Spider-Man and Wolverine, painted, horizontal. This unlikely pair is coming your way! Click here to view.

Captain America, painted, horizontal. Cap HAS to be painted - he's red, white and blue! Click here to view.

Poison Ivy, painted, vertical. Animation style. Fiery red hair and plant-green tights can't hide Scott's great line quality! Click here to view.

Space Ghost, painted, vertical. Animation style. Striking colors on one of Scott's favorite characters. Click here to view.
Visit Scott's Space Ghost web page here.



Commission prices above include postage and handling. The individual artists' sites have their own postage requirements. If you are buying from more than one artist, postage indicated at each site must be added together to figure the total postage for your order.

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Overseas orders please add $20.00 for Air Mail service. If you want your package delivered via Express Mail or Fed Ex, cost is determined by weight and distance. UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box - send a street address. Please note we can not be responsible for damage to underinsured overseas packages.

Note: We are not yet set up for credit card orders. We can not be responsible for cash lost in the mail. This is a first come, first served service - product will be sent to the first customer from which we receive payment.

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