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James Lyle demonstrates his working methods from start to finish on an illustrated logo project.

Gary draws, inks, colors and lays out a cover illustration for On the Shore magazine here.

James Lyle talks about brainstorming for ideas here.

Check out Gary's article here for ways to keep your writing ideas fresh and different.

Gary's step by step article on lettering for comics is here.


James Lyle's illustrations are featured in a new collection of Saint Germaine - Tales of an Immortal from Transfuzion. And his "Adam Among the Gods" (above) is now for sale online at! See what else James is up to here!

"Oz" artist Bill Bryan's "Seductions" (above) is now for sale online at! See what else Bill is up to here!

SUSPENDED ANIMATION, Michael Vance's Syndicated Weekly Column, features commentary and reviews from the net's best comic book columnists! See it here!

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FOUR COLOR COMMENTARY, with Suspended Animation reviewer Mark Allen. Click here!


Zombie Rockers, Contract Killer, Aaron Returns and More in Indie Comics Magazine #8!

Recalcitrant Jones and his zombie rock all-stars return, we solve a murder with The Skinvestigator, a career killer looks "Through the Crosshairs!" and we run from zombies, zombies, and more zombies in the new issue of Indie Comics Magazine, available only in comic shops from Aazurn Publishing!

To cut the tension, Adventures of Aaron returns to print when nationally syndicated strip cartoonist Aaron Warner's slacker decides to (gasp!) move out of his parents' house!

Plus, we visit the zombie apocalypse in "The Scarfers," prowl city streets with The Albino, battle a demon with The Super Sleuths -- and discover "What Are Pat and Billy Drinking?" -- in Indie Comics Magazine #8!

Nine complete stories and a full color preview of the comic shop tale "Number One" are presented in 68 pages, with an incredible geek girl cover by Alicia Hollinger! ICM alums Terry Cronin and Paul Bradford join Warner, Pat Martin, Pete LaDuke, Tom Arvis, Derek Adnams and more with zombies, mystery, comedy and adventure stories, all complete in this issue.

"Indie Comics Magazine is a cooperative of 50 very talented writers and artists," said Aazurn Publishing Publisher/Editor Gary Scott Beatty. "To have survived to issue eight is an accomplishment based on the quality of the stories chosen for print here. We are a pool of extremely creative people!"

This issue's "geek girl" cover illustration is by Alicia Hollinger, a Los Angeles based artist and writer, specializing in sexy pop culture, sci-fi, and fantasy art. She has been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine, and has a new pin-up art book, Alicia's Pin-Ups.

"Alicia is a young artist with a jaw-dropping style that enthusiastically supports what we're doing for indie creators in Indie Comics Magazine," said Beatty. "We exist to present talent to a wider audience."

Terry Cronin contributes two very different stories to Indie Comics Magazine #8. Cronin is a creator of Students of the Unusual and the author of The Skinvestigator novels featuring dermatologist detective Harry Poe -- a Poe mystery appears here. His fan favorite rock band, Recalcitrant Jones and the Deadbeats, composed of zombie musicians from classic rock, return to Indie Comics Magazine in this issue.

ICM favorite Paul Bradford returns with a sniper's bloody tale. Then, he switches gears (and artists) for a story of family survival (and zombies). An Australian, Paul writes Gothic poetry under the pseudonym Hierophantom and has produced small press "zines" through his company Inertia Publications.

Aaron Warner's critically acclaimed Adventures of Aaron ran for over 10 years, was read by over six million newspaper subscribers, and garnered a Rueben Award nomination from the National Cartoonist Society. From 2002 to 2007, Warner syndicated A College Girl Named Joe, a college-themed daily strip. His "You Are Here" strip is currently running in a variety of newspapers.

Tom Arvis, a 20-plus-year veteran in the fields of independent self-publishing, wrote and illustrated Mercenary Pig: Meatcutter #1, an Aazurn Publishing book hitting comic shop shelves in April. Through his Sureshot Comics label, he publishes Wayout West, Adolescent Power Fantasies and more, including this ICM#8's "The Albino."

Pat Martin is a writer/filmmaker/musician who works with the Students of the Unusual team to produce the annual Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, and he is a co-founder of the Students of the Unusual comic book series. He hosts the What Are Pat and Billy Drinking? YouTube web series.

Pete LaDuke honed his cinematic storytelling skills as an actor and assistant director, known for Deadheads, Dead/Undead, Stardust, and Mutant Swinger from Mars. His comic series Vermillion is a werewolf epic set amid the gutted ruins of Detroit. "The Scarfers" in Indie Comics Magazine #8 is illustrated by former punk rocker Matthew Dana Kimble.

Illustrator Derwin Roberson has drawn illustrations for doujinshi, video games, children’s books as well as movie production art. Brandon Bullock’s work has appeared in numerous books from companies such as Angry Drunk Graphics, FnA Comix and Pross Comics. Bullock and Derek Adnams appeared in Indie Comics Magazine #7 and this team produced this issue's "The Fuhrer's Dagger."

Information about independent comic book creators and a video preview of Indie Comics Magazine #8 are now online at

With no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales, Indie Comics Magazine #8 is available ONLY at your local and online comic book shops. It is best to order from April's Previews, under Aazurn Publishing, said Beatty, as some Indie Comics Magazine issues are now difficult to find.

Order Indie Comics Magazine #8 in April's Previews under Aazurn Publishing.

Mercenary Pig #1: Meatcutter: soon on comic shop shelves! Look for it!

Gary Scott Beatty

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